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Big fellow queen Chen Ejiao Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 10:02   Marketing & Communication   Debre Mark’os   70 views
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Cloud tired early ha ha a smile, GongSunYu face livid, but every man will not let his childhood embarrassment was recorded in black and white, so that day GongSunYu will be so angry, and cloud tired early also let a beautiful maidservant to send. Say to know this maidservant has not seen, if saw, Gongsun Yu is really dare not think. Don't worry, cousin Yanluo has always done things properly and won't peep at my letters. Inviting you today, I just want to ask you what you have to do with Princess Zhaoming. You seem to want to help her? Cloud tired early this time to invite GongSunYu, is to inquire about his position. Wang Jian has sent him superstition many times and wants him to attack Chen Ejiao as soon as possible. It's just that he hasn't started today, and last time a spy came to report it. Gongsun Yu once contacted Chen Ejiao in private, and she was a little worried and wanted to ask what was going on. I don't know her very well, so I don't have much relationship with her, but if you want to touch her, I won't sit idly by. Blind man, I tell you, the lighting princess is unusual. Ji Ran that madman is also her person, Ji Ran is what person, Yin and Yang everybody, deduction skill is deep. It can be said to know five hundred years and know five hundred years. You don't want to be the enemy of the lighting princess, now the big fellow has a firm foundation. I advise you to break off the affair with Lady Wang as soon as possible. It is the true way to be wise and to protect yourself. My brother always felt that the big fellow's day would change sooner or later. Gongsun Yu did not have the skill of Ji Ran's deduction, nor did he have the skill of Pei Muhan and Xia Zhifan. He just relied on his feeling. Although he only met Chen Ejiao once, he already felt that the woman's bearing was extraordinary, which was by no means comparable to that of ordinary women. Moreover, Chen Ejiao's prestige in the army and among the people is also quite high. There is an idea that has always been in Gongsun Yu's mind,collapsible pallet box, but he did not dare to say it. When he thought of that bold idea, he was really shocked. When the sky changes, whose sky does it change? Cousin, I am different from you, and you and I have different pursuits. The heads of the Yun family have always had the idea of seeking the country. When Mrs Xu so, so is my father, it is my turn, nature is the same, I will not change the attention,plastic bulk containers, lady Wang, I will help her in the end, must assist Liu Da ascended the throne. And if princess Zhaoming don't marry Liu Da, she can only be dead! Cousin, I don't expect you to intervene in this matter. If you insist on doing so, you and my brother can only fight each other with swords. Yun Juanchu stood up and turned his back to Gongsun Yu. "Cousin, I don't want to be your enemy," he said in a very slow voice. Leaving this sentence, he left the Qing Yage and left Gongsun Yu here alone until he left at the beginning of the cloud. Gongsun Yucai shouted to his back, "I've been hiding for so long. I've heard what I should have heard. Why can't I show up? Come out." A shadow flashed, then appeared in front of Gongsun Yu, this person is not someone else, is Xia Zhifan. Today Xia Zhifan, dressed in black, sits opposite Gongsun Yu at the moment. The first disciple of Guigu, when unexpectedly became a gentleman on the beam, but let me increase my knowledge, drum spill pallet ,plastic pallet manufacturer, why do you want to eavesdrop? Do you know that if the blind cloud finds out, I won't be able to save you? To say that this person's hearing is quite sensitive at the beginning of the cloud, but did not find the existence of Xia Zhifan, can only show that Xia Zhifan's hidden skills are quite strong. He was prosecuted and recognized, but also his own intention, if he does not appear, even Gongsun Yu can not find out where he is. This is the fierce place of the first disciple of Guigu. Xia Zhifan has always been particularly low-key. Compared with his high-profile handsome younger brother, he is really unknown. And this time he actually did a gentleman on the beam, to eavesdrop on the dialogue between Gongsun Yu and Yun Juanchu, apparently he is also going to make a move. Eavesdropping? Being discovered is called eavesdropping. When I came here just now, neither you nor Yunjuanchu found it. And I'm sure you don't know when I'm here. I came here today just to see what Yunjuanchu wanted to do. Last time, he actually sent someone to visit Jinsu County Mansion at night. My sister-in-law was so scared that she almost gave birth prematurely, which made my elder brother restless. I haven't settled this account for him yet? Unexpectedly, he had the idea of seeking the country. But having said that, your cousin is much more ambitious than you. ” Xia Zhifan sat down and looked at Gongsun Yu. Gongsun Yu today is a red dress like fire, very eyes, he sat there. No, actually I have ambition too! Gongsun Yu shook his head, and Xia Zhifan heard Gongsun Yu's words, two people tacitly smiled, "Oh, yes, in fact, do not hide Gongsun everyone, I am also ambitious.". It seems that everyone in Gongsun really wants to take the road of Qin Xianglu Buwei. Silence, wind blowing, motionless! Gongsun Yu just smiled and said nothing, then he walked out of the house alone and walked toward the ten-mile cloud and rosy clouds forest. At this time in the cloud rosy clouds flower forest, the guest arrives, the person almost arrived, Xia Zhifan also walked out, followed Qin Mingfan together, the gold custom also already gave birth to the child. She was also invited to come this time. Husband, you see this cloud rosy cloud flower is really beautiful, when going back, we also raise one to try? Jin Su, like ordinary daughters, loves flowers. Qin Mingfan was a woman who loved her wife as much as her life. When she saw Jin Su, she took a fancy to Yunxia Hua. "Well, when I go back, I'll go back to raise one for my husband. When it blossoms, you can see it every day." "Just because you also want to raise clouds and rosy flowers, a village woman is really a village woman.". Something you can't see on the table. It is said that you are the daughter of Lady Wang among the people, aren't you? Why doesn't it look like anything? The person who spoke was Yun Qingran, the younger sister of Yun Juanchu, a very arrogant woman. The woman, with her face covered with gauze, appeared in front of everyone. Although in the cloud family, the beautiful woman is like the cloud, the cloud clear ran's appearance is also absolutely outstanding. Jin Su, let's go, don't talk to this ugly monster! In Qin Mingfan's eyes, in addition to the gold custom, other women are vulgar powder,plastic pallet price, ordinary beauty. Who do you say is ugly? Tell me clearly! Yun Qingran pulled Qin Mingfan and refused to let him go, and Jin Su became anxious at a glance. The people who come here today are either rich or noble, and she doesn't want to leave a bad impression in front of others because of this little thing. binpallet.com

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