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I am eating melons and fishing in the palace. Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 10:22   Marketing & Communication   Dembī Dolo   60 views
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The night was gloomy and the light was dimly discernible. The goldfish in the lake scrambled to be the first, splashing the water for fear that they could not grab the fish food. Qi stared at the lake and looked at a cup of tea like this. It's interesting to watch these fish fight for food. The night was quiet, and the footsteps of different weights were getting closer and closer. Qi noticed that someone was coming and got up and looked back. Brother Huang. Lu Yunyan wears a brocade robe with black flowing cloud patterns. His clear face becomes brighter and brighter under the moonlight. His lips are red and his teeth are white, like flawless jade carvings. "Why are you sitting here alone at night?" He asked. Qi threw a handful of fish food into the lake. "I was bored, so I went out for a walk." Lu Yunyan looked at her and hesitated for a long time. "I heard Leo say that you had just been to the Xuanzheng Palace?" A Qi is stupefied, did not think of Xiao Li unexpectedly still went in to pass on, nodded to admit. Lu Yunyan lowered his voice: "Then why did you leave again?" Qi continued to throw the fish food and said frankly, "I heard from Grandfather Li that Miss Su is also inside, so it's not good to go in and disturb her." Lu Yunyan's eyes sank: "Excuse me?" There was an unknown surge of anger in my heart. He was just about to open his mouth when his throat suddenly itched. He raised his sleeve to his mouth and coughed uncontrollably. The night was so quiet that the two coughs were particularly loud. Qi couldn't help caring about him. "Are you all right, brother?" Lu Yunyan's eyes were burning and he gazed at her for a long time. "Do you care about me?" Under the moonlight, there was a trace of tenderness in his deep eyes. Qi's heartbeat missed a beat for no reason, and she looked evasive: "My younger sister.." "My sister is my brother's sister, and it's perfectly normal for my sister to care about my brother." Lu Yunyan's eyes sank slightly and his thin lips closed tightly. In fact, I came here to ask my brother if you copied the fifty times of Nu Xun for me. Qi asked. Lu Yunyan did not conceal it. "I copied it," he said. Qi knew in her heart that it was probably Lu Yunyan who copied it for her,lycopene for skin, but when he admitted it himself, he was still moved from the bottom of his heart. Brother Huang, you are so kind. My sister knew it must be you. Lu Yunyan looked a little loose: "If like you only know how to sleep lazily, then this" female training "is estimated to have to copy the monkey years." "My younger sister knew that you would not let him die." The corner of Lu Yunyan's lips is slightly hooked: "You occupy me to love you." Qi said with a smile, "Brother Huang is the best brother in the world." Lu Yunyan was silent for a long time and looked at her. "Ah Qi, if I'm not your own brother,stesweet stevia, you.." Qi only thought he was joking: "How can this be possible? If the emperor's brother is not my own brother, then I am not a fake princess." This is the palace, if she is a fake princess, I am afraid she would have been driven out of the palace, where there is such a good treatment. Lu Yunyan slightly pondered, eyes dark, let Chen miscellaneous taste in the bottom of my heart overflow. The Royal Palace holds an annual hunt. This year's hunting is as usual, just riding and shooting hunting, nothing new. Qi didn't want to go, but Empress Dowager Su ordered everyone to go. Qi was not very interested, and when he arrived at the hunting ground, jujube seed powder ,akba boswellic acid, he just sat lazily. But other men are different. In order to be able to show their abilities and show off in front of today's saints, all of them are dressed in fresh clothes and angry horses, and are in high spirits. Although Lu Yunyan is a saint today, his riding skills are unbeatable. Every time they hunt, they will show their hands, which is amazing. Qi was bored sitting alone, but it was as comfortable as they were riding and hunting. How could Lu Zhu miss this opportunity to show herself in front of everyone? She suggested to Empress Dowager Su, "Empress Dowager, it's boring for us sisters to sit here. It's more interesting to let the elder sisters and Zhu Er go down together than to sit here." Empress Dowager Su nodded with satisfaction. "Well, it's rare for you to come out once. Let's all go together." Qi is not happy. She was sitting here comfortably, with fruit and snacks, and she didn't want to go down and ride a horse. What's more, after the last incident, Ah Qi was completely afraid of riding a horse. Such a dangerous thing is really not suitable for her. It's better for a lazy person like her to sit and eat fruit snacks. However, as soon as Empress Dowager Su's words came out, Ah Qi had to bite the bullet and follow the other princesses into the hunting ground. Lu Zhu has learned to ride and shoot since he was a child. Although the other princesses were not skilled in riding, they were able to ride alone. Only Ah Qi, trembling and frightened, got on the horse. With the shadow of the last time, she was more afraid this time. Lu Zhu looked at her like that and felt more and more proud. She rode her silver horse boldly, as if showing off. Seeing this, Lu Xuan came over to care about her. "Sister Qi, are you all right?" Qi showed a smile that was uglier than crying. She's not good at all! Qi's riding skill was poor, and he was worried that the horse would suddenly be frightened, so naturally he lost his confidence. Lu Zhu rode back in a circle and saw Ah Qi's timid appearance. He was even more proud and wanted to play a trick on Ah Qi. "Lu Qi, you are a royal princess anyway. How can you not even ride a horse? Our royal face is almost lost to you." Qi couldn't bear it and gave her a supercilious look. "Lu Zhu, you can't just ride a horse. Look how you show off. What's the big deal?" "I'm happy to be able to press you." Lu Zhu taunted her and felt very happy. And whipped her horse's ass when she wasn't looking. But the horse was frightened and looked up and roared. The horse's back was bumpy, and Ah Qi was so frightened that she tightened the reins and tried to tame it, but the next moment the horse ran wildly, and she turned pale with fright. The noise on this side was so loud that it alarmed the people who were hunting on the other side of the hunting ground. Lu Yunyan heard the noise, hurriedly turned the horse's head, speed to chase. The steed went mad and roared constantly. On a rampage, Ah Qi crawled on horseback, kicking the saddle with difficulty, but still could not stop it. Lu Yunyan is in hot pursuit behind him. Horseback suddenly a heavy bump,fenugreek saponins, a Qi a shake, rolled off the horse fell to the ground. Fortunately, no serious injuries were caused. prius-biotech.com

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