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Jiangshan Beauty txt Complete Edition Author: Mo Wu Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 10:21   Marketing & Communication   Debark’   67 views
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Xiao Buyi shook his head, "there is no record of me.". Therefore, when the Luo River was attacked, it was said that the commoner ruled the roost, as well as the prophecies I saw in the underground labyrinth, which should be the demagogic words of Taiping Dao. However, the descendants of Taiping Dao could not reproduce the mystery of Zhang Ling's bronze mirror screen in any case, because they could not understand it at all, let alone imitate it. Therefore, although there are many bronze mirrors in the underground labyrinth and the handwriting of the water curtain is ingenious, they only use the principle of light. Compared with the real bronze mirror screen brought by Zhang Ling, those bronze mirrors can be said to be insignificant! However It's very clever that they can imitate it to that extent. Li Jing also showed the color of confusion, "so, the book from heaven is false?"? If you and Zhang Ling came here from a thousand years later, why are there any deviations in your memory? Xiao Buyi sighed: "The key is here, because I thought I was not the emperor, so after I proclaimed myself emperor, I was still in a trance." The three women were all puzzled, so they also fell into the doubt of time and space dislocation. Which emperor do you remember? Li Jing asked calmly. It's Li yuan. Xiao Buyi said with a wry smile. It took Li Jing a long time to say, "Without you, it would have been Li yuan who unified the world.". He does have the strength, but you are stronger. "So there's a problem,tannic acid astringent," said Xiao Buyi! Although Zhang Jiao has a book from heaven, the things he records are not his own, but other things in the book from heaven are all logical and logical, and many of them are very consistent. Zhang Jiao began to contend for hegemony with this kind of confusion. At the beginning, there were many ingenious methods to unify the world by virtue of ability and foresight, but because he believed in history, he was caught off guard by a deviation at the time of the uprising and rushed to revolt. Later, the situation was a mess,ghana seed extract, Zhang Jiao died of illness, even before he died, he did not understand what was going on. However, Zhang Jiao's method of uprising was deduced by later people and turned into three books and one order. Because of Zhang Jiao's Heavenly Book, Taiping Dao either wants to be the main road or wants to contend for hegemony in the world, but ultimately fails. But the Taoist Lord among them knew one thing, that is, holding the order of peace, he could use the bronze mirror screen and the two and a half pieces of jade to find five pecks of rice to teach and then read the book from heaven. Because this token was originally given by Zhang Ling to his son, hoping that one day, Taiping Dao finally returned to Wudoumi religion, but the result was that Zhang Jiao did not turn around after all, and the world was confused by the confusion of Taiping Dao. At this point, Xiao Buyi said with a wry smile, "In fact, pumpkin seed extract ,turmeric extract powder, I am as confused as Zhang Jiao.". I thought there would be my own name in the Heavenly Book, but I didn't expect it, and the Heavenly Book did record that Li Tang seized the world! They were surprised and speechless for a long time. Li Jing frowned, thought for a long time, suddenly said: "I remember you said at the beginning, you thought you came here after a thousand years of time reversal, but feel wrong, so.." You must have something else in mind. Xiao Buyi said admiringly, "The second elder brother was really careful. I turned around all the way and was thinking about this question.". I just want to say that if I really changed history, then there must be no Xiao Buyi in the future? But if there is no Xiao Buyi in the future, how can I travel to this thousand years ago? The three girls listened to Xiao Buyi's tongue twister, full of confusion. Li Jing thought for a while and said, "By rights, there is no you.". For example, if you go from here to a hundred years ago and kill your grandfather, then there will be no father, and naturally there will be no you. Buyi, my metaphor is not very respectful. "But very direct!" "That's what I'm confused about," said Xiao Buyi. "Since I don't exist, what's going on now?" "So your assumption of time travel is not right at all!" Li Jing immediately said. The reverse of time is not right. "I think I fell into another space," said Xiao Buyi. "Another space?" The crowd was puzzled again. Xiao Buyi said slowly, "I wasn't sure. I only had a vague idea in my mind. But recently, a lot of new ideas have been added to the bronze mirror screen. I always feel that someone can add something to the bronze mirror screen.". Second brother, when you and I were in front of the ladder, do you still remember that the big sacrifice did not speak and only used stones to knock? "Of course I remember, I have always wondered how Yunshui understood the meaning of the Great Sacrifice.". ” "In my time, that method was a kind of communication code, which formed different meanings through different combinations, and could be said to be a more advanced way of communication." "This kind of agreement can only be used by one's own people, is it to prevent others from stealing information?" Li Jing understood very quickly. Xiao Buyi nodded and said, "What the second elder brother said is a use, but it can also be used as an input method.". Because the book I see now must be different from what Zhang Jiao saw, which shows that someone can still input records into the book. After the death of Zhang Jiao, every time Taiping Dao read the Heavenly Book again, I suspected that Wudoumi Jiao had new insights. According to the latest records in the Heavenly Book, I speculate that Zhang Ling and I have fallen into an outer time and space. The mystery of the world is not only the land of the Central Plains, but also the land overseas, and many people are living like us. Li Jing nodded slowly, "Persian people often say that, I can understand." "But in addition to the people in this space, there is actually a lot of broken space." Xiao Buyi slowly stretched out his hand and pushed it into the air. "In your opinion, of course there is nothing in front of me.". But according to many theories of my time, there are still many people alive among them. The three women looked at each other, unable to understand. Li Jing also frowned and pushed forward, "really?" Of course he didn't believe it, but he knew that Xiao Buyi would never shoot at nothing. Xiao Buyi said with a wry smile: "According to my self-contradictory proof just now, it is extremely absurd, so I can't use time reversal to describe it. I can only say that I come from the space I said,gynostemma pentaphyllum leaf extract, and that space has people similar to this world.." "Can it be said that you and we are not in the same space?" yuan Qiaoxi suddenly interjected and said with a smile, "Brother Xiao, is there a me in your world?" prius-biotech.com

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