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Moonlight outside the city Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 10:20   Marketing & Communication   Debre Mark’os   72 views
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That's right. She's in a comedy with seven of the biggest boys in the class. On the stage, her long hair was slightly curled, and her white knee-length dress was like today. The subversive performance won thunderous applause from the audience. At that time, he sat in the front row, smiling all the time, and his warm eyes were full of encouragement. If the time is fixed in the secret love at that time, without meeting again after stepping out of the university gate, today's reunion will be full of joy. Did the body recover after the operation? "It's all right." "That's good. Come out and have a meal together when you are free." "I've been very busy recently." Lin Xibei smiled, "if you want to refuse, you don't have to be so straightforward." Meng Xiaodong also laughed and did not speak. Not far away, the elevator door slowly opened and slowly closed. A brief silence. Lin Xibei looked at her seriously and said slowly, "Xiaodong, some things are not like what you imagine." …… "Lin Xibei, I didn't think about anything, the past is the past, no need to mention it again!"! I'm glad to see you today. I have something to do. I'll go first. The words did not finish, the pace has been taken,eye cream packing tube, Meng Xiaodong fled. There was a thump. My forehead is very painful, my nose is very sour, my body falls back, I run too fast, and I hit someone. She resigned herself to waiting for the intimate contact between the back of her head and the floor, subconsciously pulling the skirt corner,pump tube, falling and falling, and could not be exposed. What's the bad thing again? Need to rush to this speed? Uh? The waist was firmly embraced, the body stopped in the air, and the back of the head was saved. Li Muyu, is the wedding over? Your hero saved the United States in time! Hearing his voice, Meng Xiaodong breathed a sigh of relief. Li Muyu picked her up, "the hero saved the United States?"? He was so narcissistic that he forced himself into the beauty pile. Meng Xiaodong pulled down his arm, straightened his skirt, and the panic just now was all buried in his heart. Then he saw Li Muyu look over her shoulder and said in a faint voice, "Hello." Meng Xiaodong turned his head like a conditioned reflex, and Lin Xibei was standing behind her with a smile. Li Muyu brushed past her and walked up to Lin Xibei. They shook hands politely and exchanged routine greetings. Meng Xiaodong raised his feet and prepared to run, but unfortunately, pump tube ,plastic packing tube, his arm was pulled tightly. Turning his head again, Li Muyu looked at her with a slight smile, and with a slight effort, she was pulled to his side. "I heard you used to be Xiaodong's high school teacher?" Li Muyu held her hand and said casually. Lin Xibei nodded tepidly, and his eyes swept back and forth over the two of them. "Speaking of that, it was many years ago.". After Xiaodong graduated from university, we met again. At that time, I was already in yuanzhou's company. When I was still regretting leaving the platform, Xiaodong became a teacher. Sometimes things in the world are really hard to explain. Li Muyu listened quietly, and out of the corner of his eye, Meng Xiaodong turned pale. He frowned invisibly, released his hand, put his arm around her shoulder, and stopped his eyes on Lin Xibei's face for a few seconds, saying, "Xiaodong, invite your high school teacher to have a meal together when you are free." …… …… Meng Xiaodong felt a flash of lightning in front of his eyes, and the thunder struck his forehead, and the black smoke curled up. Merciful God, do you really want to kill me! The author has something to say: Happy reading, happy weekend! Chapter 32 A week has passed since the wedding. Sun Shaoyan went to Hong Kong on a business trip for half a month. Liu Xiaoqin moved into the company dormitory and officially reported to work. Meng Xiaodong's life does not seem to have changed much. He works as a tutor during the day and surfs the Internet at home at night. He has a smooth life. Li Muyu is still not at home during the day, that day's shocking words are mostly a whim, there is no follow-up, which makes her relaxed a lot. Qi Wei is quite busy recently, contact is not much, occasionally call, can hear the mood is not very high, seems to have a heart thing. Two days ago, the third aunt had high blood pressure and was hospitalized for a few days. Her second brother was not there, so she went to bed with her every night. The days passed slowly, and the matter of Lin Xibei sank into the bottom of my heart. As long as she doesn't think of it, as long as she doesn't meet, she can disguise herself very well. Meanwhile, Lin Xibei called her several times, but she didn't answer. She told herself that she must not make mistakes again and again. Temporary pain is only the darkness before the dawn. She always believes that forgetting only takes time. It's the weekend again. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a holiday. She goes to work on time by subway early in the morning. Press the doorbell, open the door is Li Muyu, rare, he is at home. Li Mo is still sleeping. Li Muyu said that he wrote his novel too late last night and allowed him to wake up naturally today. Meng Xiaodong smiled and nodded,eye cream packaging tube, this is right, when the father occasionally to show some warmth, can not always be so strict. The weather is good. emptycosmetictubes.com

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