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The heart of a big brother Full-time Job

Nov 30th, 2022 at 10:05   Marketing & Communication   Debre Mark’os   64 views
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Sometimes Fu Chi will wonder if this is a causal cycle. The people he wanted, the people he wanted to talk to, could not stand in front of him and smile gently like those girls. Qi Chen has said hello, and he is embarrassed to refuse again. Tian Xia had to lead a group of boys to the cinema. At the end of the summer vacation, there are many people in the cinema. Today is still the weekend, and there are many young couples watching movies, standing in front of the doll machine or waiting for the beginning of the movie. There are a few younger ones like them, mostly girls, wearing beautiful skirts, probably also students of the same school or nearby schools. Fu Chi walked behind several people, and his eyes turned to Bai Shan's legs. He had never seen Bai Shan wear a skirt, but she must look good in it. The brain uncontrollably emerged once really imprinted in the brain, light-naked white shoulder and back, Fu Chi Yu Guang across Bai Shan's exposed arm, in the heart secretly scolded himself. ***ing think about it. Are you a brute. There are many doll machines outside the cinema, and there are people standing around each one, but not all of them will start to grasp. The new doll machine hangs a lot of big dolls, not the kind of ordinary clips, but connected to the rope hanging in the middle of the bar, need to operate the scissors to cut it off. It's not enough to cut it once. You have to cut it two or three times to cut the thread. As long as the doll machine is aligned, press a button to grasp it down. This kind of doll machine with scissors not only has to be aligned, but also has to be aligned with the scissors. Play a lot of people, but most of them just have a hand addiction, will not insist on cutting it down. Doll machine this thing, inside the doll to say like also do not have, that is, to be happy. Tian Xia first went with Bai Shan to get the ticket, and when he came back, he saw a group of boys standing in front of a doll machine. There are a lot of empty around, they do not wait for the person who plays to miss, and then their own top. Very childish. They surrounded, Tian Xia had not intended to go, but just walked to the front of the station, the boys standing on the side to give up the position. Tian Xia took Bai Shan's hand and took a few steps closer. The boys are so tall that they can't even see their heads when they stand inside and don't look carefully. Tian Xia has some black lines. She just wants to stand outside and watch. The boys in the class are not all good-looking, but they are all clean boys. She heard other girls discussing that the boys in their class were the most beautiful in the whole grade. Not only boys, but also girls. The campus beauty is still in their class. In fact, there was still some fear in Tian Xia's heart, and he noticed that the boys around them had deliberately kept a distance, and suddenly it was a little light. In the final analysis, she is a group of rebellious big boys, not vicious gangsters, and has never done anything illegal. What is she afraid of. The boy who was catching the doll was not very familiar with him. He failed to catch it twice and was driven away by Qichen: "Tian Xia, you tell the monitor which one you like, and I will catch it." Tian Xia can probably see the mind of this group of boys, beam impact tubes ,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, like Bai Shan such a girl, do not say all like, there must be a good impression. Who doesn't like to play with good-looking people? Qi Chen pulled them to play together, is not there a reason for Bai Shan? "I think big dolls look good," she joked. Qi Chen hesitated and did not dare to show his timidity: "OK, I'll try." He only played this a little more, and he really didn't play it a few times. When Tian Xia saw that he was really going to change the machine, he opened his mouth and stopped him: "I'm just playing. We don't want dolls either. Just come and play." "I know, it's fun, but you have to have booty, right?" Several boys hula shifted their positions and asked them which doll of the machine looked good. Tian Xia glanced at Bai Shan subconsciously. Bai Shan does not chat with boys in the class, mostly asking questions and talking about things. Outside is almost the same, only listening to Tian Xia talk to them, has not been how to open his mouth. She looked at herself and asked, "What's wrong?" Tian Xia asked, "Shanshan, which one do you like?" Several boys could not help but prick up their ears. I don't really like this one. Bai Shan smiled gently and her eyes closed slightly. Although she said the words of refusal, the listener did not have the embarrassment and embarrassment of being rejected, but would naturally think, oh, she did not like it. Qi Chen turned his head and asked Tian Xia, "The monitor doesn't like it. What about you, Tian Xia?"? I think you like it. ” Tian Xia really liked it, and there were a few others that she looked at very well. Seeing her hesitating, Qi Chen urged, "Which one?"? We boys don't have aesthetics. We all look the same. We can cut whatever you say, and it may not be possible, right? Tian Xia casually pointed to the favorite one and whispered, "You said you could catch it before." Qi Chen smiled awkwardly: "This is not the same as the machine, I have not played this." They exchanged a lot of money, and Qichen was operating the machine, while several other boys were shouting and directing. He failed several times and was driven down for another one. It's like they're really here to play. Tian Xia also a little want to play, pull Bai Shan in the past to exchange ten yuan of money. The boys had just finished cutting once, and this time they were lucky enough to rub an edge and wear off a little of the rope. The boys on the side shouted for the boss to open the machine, and they cut it, but they didn't cut it. There is no way to open the machine, which is a joke. The boy gave up his seat and said to Tian Xia, "Don't you like this?"? You come to this machine. Tian Xia hesitated, and a boy threw coins into the machine on the side, saying that he must cut one down. There were many people standing around them, all waiting to see the movie. Tian Xia played twice and didn't cut it, so he let Bai Shan try. Bai Shan shook her head. "I don't play." Tian Xia said, "Oh," and asked Bai Shan to help her look at the position. Bai Shan answered and gave her a serious answer. It's just that she can't cut it accurately, and every time she says "oops", she cries "almost". Ten yuan was gone a few times, and Tian Xia was not satisfied, but he was not ready to continue cutting. Qi Chen came up again and said,side impact door beams, "I'll do it." A doll machine, a few boys also play the rise. Bai Shan turned to get out of the way, and out of the corner of her eye she inadvertently swept Fu Chi. cbiesautomotive.com

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